Red light, yellow light, green light go! Some terminology help.

Gourmet Survivalist terminology - red, yellow and green light days

Many of my recipes, cooking techniques and practices are labeled with a colored dot to indicate red light, yellow light or green light days.

Red Light Day:

A disaster has hit, and you’re now left without access to fresh food. At least one of the following scenarios is in place:

  • Fridge is Out
  • Limited Water Supply
  • No Stovetop

In this situation, you’ll want to use the recipes labeled with a red dot. Continue reading

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Sharon has a pantry full of fancy foods but not a bite to eat.

Sharon and her fancy foods

Hi, I’m Sharon Lynn. I started this site to document my obsessive research, probing interviews and mad science experiments in long-term food storage.

Why food storage? The catastrophic events of 2011 got me thinking about disaster scenarios and how well I was prepared for them. I asked myself what I would eat if my family’s electricity or gas line was cut off for a week? My pantry, you see, is chocked-full of condiments, baking ingredients and silly liqueurs.

I surmised we’d survive the first week or two by nibbling on preserved lemons, mango chutney and Pacific kombu, but I suspect our lack of “real meals” would probably add to our stress level, not to mention our general health. If the situation lasted even longer, we’d have to resort to more extreme measures, like munching on shrubbery or hurling bricks at squirrels. Continue reading

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What is a gourmet survivalist?

The Gourmet Survivalist is a Foodie Prepping Jack of all Trades. Are YOU a Gourmet Survivalist?

A gourmet survivalist has a brain full of science, a bag full of tricks, and a mouth full of opinionated taste buds. Because they’re aware that the next major weather event (or catastrophe of any kind) may sever their access to fresh food and water, they’ve stashed away enough delicious, nutritious, shelf-stable food to last their families at least three months. They’re willing to pay a little extra for sustainably and ethically produced foods, yet at the same time, they keep their eyes peeled for bargains. Though they seek to avoid highly processed foods, they occasionally indulge in rice crispy treats, store-bought salsa and other guilty pleasures without remorse.

These industrious epicureans grow much of their own food, can their own jam and distill their own spirits. They know which mushrooms are poisonous, when to buy olive oil and how to build a fire without matches. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty, eat their own words, or try new recipes on new friends. Being aware of the dangers that could arise when the grocery store shelves are bare, they educate and encourage friends and extended family to “prep” – without being preachy.

A gourmet survivalist believes knowledge and preparedness is power and chooses not to live in fear.

Are you a gourmet survivalist? I myself am not quite there yet, but I’m working on it. If you can relate to all or any of the description above, please chime in and help make this site a reliable resource for anyone interested in storing and preparing delicious, satisfying and nutritious foods.

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