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Desperately Shirking Sugar: Evaluating Raw Coconut Nectar

The ongoing Mid-Atlantic power outage got me thinking about what I would miss most during a blackout. Air conditioning, hot showers, refrigeration, Internet access, gasoline, and use of my cell phone would be at the top of my list. Other, … Continue reading

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What About Meat? The overdue chorizo experiment.

In celebration of Meat Week on National Public Radio (click here, here, here, here, and here to hear each broadcast; also, check out their food blog The Salt here), I took the opportunity to exhume and storage-test the package of  I … Continue reading

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Almond Butter Taste Test: It’s my party and I’ll salt if I want to.

“Lord, grant me the wisdom to know when to pick my tomatoes, the courage to flip my omelets like Julia Child, and the serenity to accept that not all foods taste as good as they should.”         … Continue reading

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