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Red light, yellow light, green light go! Some terminology help.

Many of my recipes, cooking techniques and practices are labeled with a colored dot to indicate red light, yellow light or green light days. Red Light Day: A disaster has hit, and you’re now left without access to fresh food. … Continue reading

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Sharon has a pantry full of fancy foods but not a bite to eat.

Hi, I’m Sharon Lynn. I started this site to document my obsessive research, probing interviews and mad science experiments in long-term food storage. Why food storage? The catastrophic events of 2011 got me thinking about disaster scenarios and how well … Continue reading

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What is a gourmet survivalist?

A gourmet survivalist has a brain full of science, a bag full of tricks, and a mouth full of opinionated taste buds. Because they’re aware that the next major weather event (or catastrophe of any kind) may sever their access to … Continue reading

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